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Multi-Family FAQ's

Who provides garbage and recycling collection at multi-family properties?

Multi-family properties are required to make their own arrangement for collection and disposal of all waste streams. Generally collection is provided by a private contractor. However, the City is able to collect if the strata is able to receive curbside collection, if an application and waiver are provided to the City, and if the City agrees to collect.

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Is recycling required at multi-family properties?

Every multi-family property is required to provide collection for blue bag recyclables, and ensure the recyclables are delivered to an authorized recycling depot.

The Mixed Recycling Bin handout provides detailed information of what goes in the mixed recycling bin.   

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Is compostable collection required at multi-family properties?

Compostable collection is encouraged, but not required.  The City will be looking at developing a compostable collection program for multi-family properties in 2017.   

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