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As the population of Abbotsford grows to 200,000 people, Abbotsford Fire Rescue Service (AFRS) is working to ensure that our emergency services will meet the needs of a growing population.

The AFRS provides emergency and routine responses focused on public safety to the residents of Abbotsford 24 hours a day, 365 days in the year! The AFRS Master Plan includes a review of the existing response model and service delivery while considering future development and projections. It will identify existing and future opportunities and challenges as the City grows to 200,000 people. The current AFRS Master Plan was completed in 2010. 


Abbotsford’s Official Community Plan (OCP), adopted in June 2016, provides a vision and a framework for how Abbotsford will grow to a population of 200,000. We are now reviewing and updating existing Master Plans and Studies to ensure all of our future operations, development, infrastructure, services, amenities and programs align with the vision set out in our OCP.

The AFRS Master Plan will focus on developing short and long range plans for fire service based on growth and demand projections.

We are currently in STAGE 1: BACKGROUND RESEARCH. As information becomes available on public events, open houses,
surveys, presentations and reports, they will be posted below under the corresponding stage.  


The background research will give us the data needed to move to our next phase where we will explore new options, and priorities for the future of emergency services in the City of Abbotsford.


Abbotsford Fire Rescue will be reaching out to residents and businesses in Stage 2 to inform you about updates to emergency services, what types of halls are being planned and where they are being planned.  


We will compile the research and feedback we receive from stage 2, which will form the base of our Draft Plan. This is your Abbotsford, and it is important that the AFRS Master Plan is for the future that you envision!


During this stage, we will have compiled all of our collective feedback and priorities and present the final plan to the public and Council.

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